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Incident Mitigation Kit #1 - Existing Project Lifesaver Clients

PLI-PR1 Perimeter Unit and PLI 1000. This is the complete kit that provides the transmitter, the Perimeter Unit and the PLI 1000. The Perimeter unit can be set to alert if your loved one breaches the perimeter and the PLI 1000 allows you to start searching, should a wandering event occur, while waiting for First Reponders to arrive. This system is great for those travelling with their loved to areas where the Project Lifesaver Program is not available.

Incident Mitigation Kit #2 - Not currently enrolled in Project Lifesaver

Temporary enrollment of your loved one in the Project Lifesaver Program when they travel to an area where the Project Lifesaver Program is available or when they are relocated to a Project Lifesaver area due to a natural disaster. Transmitters, batteries and bands are provided to maintain the transmitter throughout the duration of its use.

There is no cost to borrow a kit, however, shipping charges may apply. Please not that a credit card must be given, if your request is approved, in the event that the equipment borrowed becomes damaged or lost while in your possession. Due to inventory limitations the kits will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

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