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Historically a candle in the window was a sign of welcome, a beacon for loved ones to find their way home. In earlier days and in the countryside houses were further apart, the candle was placed in the window when a loved one was away to guide them back home. This tradition dates from colonial times.

The underwater version of the proprietary Candle in the Window (CITW) program developed in 2007 by the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia (SARBC). This program is designed for unresolved underwater missing person incidents or unresolved wilderness missing person incidents where water may be involved and where a search utilizing traditional methods has not provided resolve and a strong belief exists that more can be done to locate the missing subject.

Technology specific for searching underwater is used with trained resources.

The program requires the missing persons family, law enforcement or another SAR Agency to contact us. Each case is reviewed by the Overhead Management Team to determine if the program is applicable.

For more information please contact us. We may be able to assist.

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It does not matter who finds the missing subject, it only matters that they are found. When traditional methods have failed we may be able to assist. Search and Rescue Society of BC - often copied, never duplicated.

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