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Why volunteer with us?

The groups you see on the news that respond as soon as a person is missing - that is NOT us (except for Project Lifesaver). While we have been on the news a few times, SARBC does its best to avoid appearing in media.

We exist to augment the search effort. Our mandates include providing a post search suspension option for families to seek additional help and providing specialized resources that are not readily available to Search and rescue teams within the Province. We do not arrive on scene by jumping out of plane or driving at mach 2. We prefer to come in quietly, do our job, then leave just as quietly. Almost as if we were not even there. We are not there to diminish the quality of the initial search; we are their to get closure for the family of the missing person. We have no desire to be forefront. When traditional methods have failed, we may be able to assist. We are not wannabees, we are comprised of people from all walks of life that believe in what SARBC represents. If you are interested in learning and using advanced technology, are comfortable searching mainly at night, are able to travel anywhere in the Province by land, air or sea and, last but not least, able to work within a structured command environment, then please complete the Application to volunteer with the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia - Special Services Unit.

About the Society

It does not matter who finds the missing subject, it only matters that they are found. When traditional methods have failed we may be able to assist. Search and Rescue Society of BC - often copied, never duplicated.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about any of our Programs or require assistance with an unresolved missing person incident, please contact us.